Pricing Agribusiness Risk

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A Progressive Culture – ICCO World Cocoa Convention – Dominican Republic

Hardman Agribusiness presented at the ICCO World Cocoa Convention in Baravo, Dominican Republic, on 24th May, 2016.

Today 95% of the cocoa produced comes to the market thanks to the efforts of some 5 million subsistence smallholder farmers practising a form of agriculture that has changed little in centuries. Over many years, and continuing today, the downstream end of the cocoa value chain has instituted numerous initiatives to modernise farming practices with the goals of improving farmers’ lives and making cocoa production sustainable. The evidence that these initiatives have been successful, certainly in respect of the latter objective is slim. Dr Jean-Marc Anga, Executive Director of the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) speaking that the 3rd World Cocoa Convention in Bavaro, Dominican Republic observed that “the producers are the weakest link in the cocoa value chain”. Dr Anga noted that in 1960/61 cocoa produced globally averaged 0.29mt per hectare against 0.52mt in 2015. Progress, but not enough over 55 years. Today in parts of the Americas, innovative farmers are achieving up to 3.0mt/ha. Hardman Agribusiness reviewed the outlook for cocoa production in the Americas at the 3rd World Cocoa Convention in the presentation below.

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