Pricing Agribusiness Risk

Our expertise and experience in pricing risk in agribusiness enterprises is central to our ability to advise on capital markets funding strategies.

A Taste For Cocoa – Messages From The Markets

Over the first 15 years of this century the leading chocolate confectionery listings have outperformed the S&P 500 by 3.5x and since 2013 they have marginally outperformed the commodity price itself. Meanwhile the only cocoa plantation to list on an international stock exchange, United Cacao Ltd (CHOC) has seen its share price rise by 173% since listing in December 2014 for a value of some $20,000/ha when only one third of the plantation is actually planted. Capital markets investors and commodities traders and investors appear to be linked by a strong liking for cocoa related investment and trading opportunities. During 4th  and 5th March 2015, Hardman Agribusiness presented A Taste For Cocoa (Messages From The Markets) at the CMT Cocoa Revolution Conference in Singapore.

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