Pricing Agribusiness Risk

Our expertise and experience in pricing risk in agribusiness enterprises is central to our ability to advise on capital markets funding strategies.

Who We Are

Doug HawkinsDouglas Hawkins – Managing Director

Douglas Hawkins has combined a 30 year career in equity capital markets research and investment banking with a lifelong involvement with agriculture, first in the NZ dairy sector and, for the past 25 years, farming beef under an organic system in England. His capital markets experience was developed principally at James Capel & Co and with Nomura International, based in London. At Nomura, Douglas was Head of International Equities Research and a member of the Investment Banking team. Douglas has brought to Hardman Agribusiness a worldwide network of contacts across the agri-producer and processing sectors.

Yingheng ChenYingheng Chen – Senior Agricultural Economist

Yingheng is senior agri-economist for Hardman Agribusiness. She has developed a deep knowledge of the economics surrounding the production and processing of palm oil, cocoa, natural rubber and sugar. Before joining Hardman Agribusiness in 2009, she was a corporate finance analyst at the Agricultural Bank of China. Yingheng graduated with a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics after coming to the United Kingdom to complete her education from the People’s Republic of China. Ying is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Andrew RitchieAndrew Ritchie – Senior Integrated Agribusiness Consultant

Andrew brings to Hardman Agribusiness front line experience of world class African farming and integrated agribusiness operations across the entire agri-food value chain. Most recently Group Finance Director for Finlays, a wholly owned subsidiary of John Swire & Sons, Andrew has worked in ‘C’ level finance roles for 3 very large East Africa based integrated agri-foods groups over a 12 year period to 2014. During this time he gained experience of large scale farming businesses focused on a diverse range of important commercial crops spanning wheat, soya, maize, sesame, sunflower, bananas, sugar, fruits, vegetables, tea, flowers and beef. Andrew’s activities with Finlays, Mavuno Group and Homegrown (Kenya) have provided him with experience of primary agri-production, food processing, supply logistics and retail marketing.

Andrew has a BSc (Hons) Agricultural Business Management from University of London and he is Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Paul CloesenPaul Cloesen – Senior Tropical Crop Agronomist

Paul Cloesen acts as Senior Tropical Crops Agronomist for Hardman Agribusiness. With an MSc. Agronomy (Plant Breeding / Agronomy of Tropical and Subtropical Regions) from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, Paul Cloesen has a deep knowledge of agronomy specific to tropical crops including oil palm, jatropha and cacao. Paul’s expertise and experience is relied upon by Hardman Agribusiness for due diligence investigations, valuations, and business consultancy. With fluency in Dutch, English, Spanish and French plus a working competence in Sranantongo and German, Paul is able to operate across a wide range of countries. Paul has completed a number of assignments for Hardman Agribusiness clients across West Africa and Central and South America.

Agritech Team

The Agritech team combines the skills of a number of associate members with experience of agricultural science, big data and agri-sector consulting.

Jonathan ShohamDr. Jonathan Shoham

Jonathan is a career agriculturalist with a PhD in Environmental Economics from the University of Surrey, MBA from Warwick University, and a degree in Chemical Physics from Sussex University. In 2015 Jonathan agreed to work with Hardman Agribusiness in providing a worldwide review of the Agritech Sector.

Commencing in the crop protection sector Jonathan worked across both the commercial and technical aspects of the sector before transferring into seeds and then finally moving into consumer markets. Between 1978 and 2011 Jonathan worked for Syngenta and other legacy companies in a variety of functions, latterly as Head of Business Intelligence and Senior Agricultural Economist for Syngenta. In 2011 he established a private consultancy since when Jonathan has undertaken a variety of agriculture and food related commissions.

  • Business intelligence support for the introduction of improved seeds into African countries (2014)
    • Syngenta Foundation on Sustainable Agriculture
  • Design and maintenance of a database on public private partnerships in agriculture (2011 to date)
    • Syngenta Foundation on Sustainable Agriculture
  • Design of a training module for African plant breeders (2014)
    • Syngenta Foundation on Sustainable Agriculture
  • Review of ICT systems for small farmers (2011)
    • Syngenta Foundation on Sustainable Agriculture
  • Management of AMIS database on global crop protection market for Phillips McDougall (2014 to date)
  • Provision of business intelligence and analytical support for Rothamsted Research in their bid to establish a Centre for Agricultural Informatics and Sustainability Metrics in the UK
  • Analysed the stored grain market and background in Africa for a new maize biopesticide (2014)
  • Analysed the size, structure and composition of the market for insecticide-based malaria control for IVCC (2013)
  • Quantified the economic and environmental benefits of the herbicide paraquat for Syngenta (2012)
    • published a paper based on the results in Outlooks For Pest Management (2013)
  • Conducted a survey for a UK university of how companies in the agriculture and food sectors accommodate weather and climate change into their plans and strategies (2013)
  • Provided a monthly report covering the agri-food chain for clients of Prognoz, a business intelligence company (2011-2013).
    • Advised Prognoz on the company’s Big Data strategy for agriculture.
  • Benchmarked company strategies and activities for sustainable agriculture and product stewardship for a leading crop protection and seed traits company (2012)
  • Provided planning workshops for the European and African businesses of a top 10 crop protection company (2012)

Jonathan is widely published including such well known publications as:

The Agriculture and Food Value Chain: Entering a New Era of Cooperation for KPMG (2013)

Malaria Vector Control Commodities Landscape for UNITAID (2014)

‘The Commercial Seed Market in Africa’ – for AGROW/Informa (2014)

‘Tackling Food Losses and Waste’ for Agrow/Informa (published June 2015)