Pricing Agribusiness Risk

Our expertise and experience in pricing risk in agribusiness enterprises is central to our ability to advise on capital markets funding strategies.

Disruptive Technologies in Agriculture – A Review Led By Dr Jonathan Shoham

Green revolutions, digital agricultural, precision farming, big data: investors are asking what’s going on ‘down on the farm’? Hardman Agribusiness will publish a review of the advances in Agricultural Technologies (Agritech) as detailed herein, and of the potential investment opportunities available in this sector (in Q1  2016). The Hardman Agribusiness research team preparing the review is being led by Dr Jonathan Shoham, former Head of Business Intelligence & Senior Agricultural Economist for Syngenta.

That there is value in agricultural technologies has been amply confirmed by Monsanto’s offer of $45bn to combine its leading supply position in seed technology with Syngenta’s world class agri-chemicals manufacturing capacity. According to the online magazine Inc., the breakout year for “agtech” was 2014, with $2.36 billion in venture money invested” across the sector. With populations soaring and growing richer, the pressure for food resources is climbing. This pressure risks social and political upheaval, perhaps even existential challenges and it is prompting an upsurge in investment in technologies to deliver ever bigger crops alongside more sustainable farming practices.

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