Pricing Agribusiness Risk

Our expertise and experience in pricing risk in agribusiness enterprises is central to our ability to advise on capital markets funding strategies.

ICCO Cocoa Market Outlook Conference

Hardman Agribusiness presented at the ICCO Cocoa Market Outlook Conference in London, 22nd September, 2015. We focused on the supply chain risk represented by the global cocoa related consumer goods sector’s reliance on the production output of Ivory Coast and Ghana, noting that cocoa production, dominated as it is by small holder farmers (95% of total production) is one of the least evolved systems of agriculture in the world. Unlike the other large soft commodity categories, cocoa does not feature a significant professional production sector. With stock to use ratios consistently falling over this century and the cocoa price rising under demand pressure, there are real fears that supply deficits will impact over the next few years. In contrast to West Africa (72% of world production), Latin America (18% of world production) has the nucleus of a professional cocoa farming industry and unlike most of Asia, Latin America has a vibrant cocoa culture.

Please click for our presentation: Latam Leadership – ICCO Cocoa Market Outlook Conference