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Jatropower AG – Reports Progress Despite Challenging Environment For Renewable Energy Sector Businesses

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Jatropower AG, based in Baar, Switzerland is a leading developer of elite Jatropha curcas seeds and associated agronomic technologies. The group’s CEO, Dr George Francis, reports that the business continues to make progress in different sectors despite the current challenging market conditions for renewable energy related enterprises.

Dr Francis notes that Jatropower will complete the first commercial sale of non-toxic, edible Jatropha seeds this autumn. Jatropower also reports that established clients have been making repeat orders for Jatropha seeds during the year.

The company has sought to provide growers in its core market geographies with commercially targeted Jatropha cultivars and varieties at competitive prices and believes that this strategy will underpin the development of Jatropower during the currently challenging trading conditions for businesses in the renewable energy sector.

Jatropower has focused on the development of Jatropha cultivars and varieties that outperform conventional oil seed crops in relatively poor soils and lower rainfall zones. The company has established its first scalable F1 hybrid Jatropha seed production facility in India and it announces that commercial F1 hybrid Jatropha seeds will be available for customers from 2016 September.

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