Pricing Agribusiness Risk

Our expertise and experience in pricing risk in agribusiness enterprises is central to our ability to advise on capital markets funding strategies.

Tanzania and Mozambique – November 2016

On the 1st November 2016, Tom Wigglesworth visited the agriculture projects of Obtala Limited (OBT) in Morogoro, Tanzania. Obtala manages two agricultural areas. The total amount of land cleared for production at Magole is 64 hectares (ha) and at Wami 30ha is cleared. Current production at Magole is 12ha of sweet melon and 4ha of cabbage. At Wami there are 5ha of sweet potato and the same area of butternut squash. Obtala’s total uncleared landbank in Morogoro is 1,735ha.

At Magole, there is also a dried fruit processing facility, where dried mango, pineapple and banana is produced and packaged under the Mama Jo’s brand.

The view across the Magole farm, showing a field planted with sweet melon.

The view across the Magole farm, showing a field planted with sweet melon.


Seeds that have germinated in the nursery, ready for hardening before planting.


Butternut squash being grown at Wami.


Sweet potatoes are also in production at Wami.


On the 3rd of November, Tom travelled to Mozambique to visit Argento’s forestry camp and one of their concessions. Argento has secured sustainable forestry leases of 50 years on 312,465 hectares in Northern Mozambique (10 separate concessions).


A truck being loaded at the forward cutting base in the Gile concession.


The main forestry camp at Uape.


Squared logs being processed into planks.


Planks are then graded into first, second or third grade timber before being transported to the port at Necala.